Friday, August 29, 2008

August 29 Workout

I felt great today!

2 Circuits with the 24 kg Kettlebell.

Did workout at Merritt in Towson as it was raining.

10 Swings, Left, right
5 Long cycle clean and press, 5, left and right
10 Swings, Left, right
5 Racked squats, left,Right
10 Swings, Left, right
2 Turkish get-ups, 2 left and right
10 Swings, Left, right
10 snatches, left and right
10 Swings, Left, right

Again, I did this twice and the total time was 31:00


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Thursday, August 28, 2008 is "Live"

Thanks to to my good friends Mandy and Jon at Tyner Graphics were live!

Mandy and Jon did an amazing job and never once lost their patience with me. I love our site for Charm City Kettlebells and please feel free to visit. If you need web design work done then please contact Mandy and Jon at their website.

Also, wanted to share my kettlebell workout today. I worked out outdoors in Towson and I really enjoyed that.

Level 4 Snatch Workout

10L x 10R in 1:00 x 5 sets, 8L+8Rx1. Total 116 Reps in 116 reps in 11:00, Max set=10

Be Fit, Sandy

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Kettlebells and Fat Loss

Just wanted to give some quick commentary on kettlebells and the impact they have on body composition.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Prelim RKC Snatch Test Results

I am going to St. Paul MN in October to earn my RKC. I still have some work to do for the snatch test though. At my age and weight, I need to be able to complete 64 snatches total, left and right and am allowed one switch. I got to 54 today and my grip crapped out. I will get there though.

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Results for the Long Run

I have been involved in physical culture for longer than I care to admit and I wanted to share some knowledge with you today.

Why Kettle Training Shreds Your Body Fat?

I have played many sports and I have been involved on tons of physical activities and I have never seen such an amazing piece of equipment as the Russian Kettlebell for fat loss. Not only are they incredibly effective for rapid weight loss but they will help you keep it off and they are fun. In fact, I have never come across a client that has told me they do not enjoy working out with Kettlebells.

Here's some news about Kettlebell training and why they should be your number one choice for fat loss, no matter who you are:

1. You burn more fat in less time

Kettlebell training is different from conventional weight training because it focuses on the body's natural movements, these natural movements leave no muscles untouched. So rather than exercising just your arms, legs, or back, Kettlebell training works the entire body as a complete unit. Instead of being a collection of body parts you become much, much more....You become an integrated machine.

This type of training is so much more efficient at burning energy; imagine how much more fuel is required to power 600+ muscles rather than just a few! The results of this are simply astounding; you can get an incredible workout in just 20 minutes and burn huge amounts of fat compared with regular long drawn out exercise.

2. Increases Burned Calories

Your body works to perform certain functions and moves specific ways whether it's bending over to pick up a child, grabbing a handful of groceries or squatting down to sit into a chair. It is these exact movement grooves that Kettlebell training simulates and as you repeat these patterns your body will reward you by getting stronger and building muscle tone fast.

I have never seen such quick gains in muscle tone than through Kettlebell training.
And increasing your long, lean firming muscles doesn't make you bigger. Here's the wonderful news ;your body's best source of energy is your stored fat, so the more muscle tone you can develop the more fat you will burn, even at rest.

3. Burn calories even after exercise

The EPOC (excessive post-exercise oxygen consumption) is another great reason why Kettlebells are truly unmatched for improving your body composition. Kettlebell training intensity is muscular training under anaerobic conditions. What happens is that your body needs to flush out lactic acid, recover and help you get ready for the next workout. All of the above has caloric requirements!

Russian Kettlebells are the finest training tool and help you reach you body goals faster while looking sexier. Even better, the Russian Kettlebell is such a blast(and fat blaster) you will soon find it as part of your overall lifestyle and you will keep getting fitter and fitter.I am not aware of another training tool that helps you reach you body goals faster while looking sexier. Even better, the Russian Kettlebell is such a blast(and fat blaster) you will soon find it as part of your overall lifestyle and you will keep getting fitter and fitter.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Believe Hon!

I'm in the business helping people manufacture change in their life. Mostly, the changes people are looking for are in their body composition. Amazingly enough when you start to transform your body, then your mind seems to follow. Here's the big issue for some people....They just can't see what they want in their mind's eye. If you can't imagine what the "new" you looks like then you have less of a chance of looking and feeling the way that you desire. A great thing about Kettlebells is that they help you achieve your "best body." Not the body of some movie star or the hot guy in the office on the top floor....Your best body. We have all looked and felt the way we would like to feel now. So let's do something about it! Let's eat clean as it is almost impossible to outwork a poor diet. Let's sleep 8 hours a day. Your body NEEDS to recover in order for you to get the most out of your kettlebell workout. Let's work as hard as you possibly can when you are working out with no slacking. If you do all that and do it with belief then you will transform your life.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Improving Your Kettlebell Swing

If you know me, then you know how I LOVE swings! The basis for all other kettlebell exercise, once you have the swing down things really begin to progress for you. The swing is such a powerful movement that in my opinion, if all you did was kettlebell swings you would be more fit than 99% of the world's population

*The hips go BACK not down! I can't tell you how many people have come to me saying swings hurt their back. Inevitably the reason is they are squatting down instead of pushing the hips back.

* Try this - Place your hands on your hips with the forefinger of each hand in the hip crease and use the hands to tilt the pelvis. Let the knees unlock, but don't bend them, just unlock them.

* Keep pushing the hips back. At the same time keep the chest lifted and shoulder blades pinched, chin up.

* Pop the hips forward and straighten the knees. The hamstrings, glutes, quads and abs should all be tight at the moment of full expansion. The pelvis should be forward.

* Don't use your arms! Your arms are simply the groove for the kettlebell to travel. You aren't using them to lift the bell.

* If you are doing swings with 1 kb (2 handed or 1 handed) the forearm(s) should be touching the inside of the upper thigh through the bottom portion of the movement. If the forearm(s) go between the knees you are squatting or you are a chimp!

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Meditation and Me

Today is my birthday and I didn't touch a kettlebell as I'm preparing for my RKC Snatch test and wanted to take the day off as I'm going to do a "Max Snatch" on Wednesday.

What I did do today is meditate for 1/2 hour and I felt that I got some wonderful benefit from it. I hadn't meditated in a few months and it will now be another self-promise. I feel tons better!

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