Thursday, June 18, 2009

Viking Warrior Conditioning

I've been working the Viking Warrior Conditioning for a few months now with some success. I have gotten a lot leaner and my absolute strength continues to rise as well. I practice my strength using the Press, Barbell Front Squat, Pistol, Turkish Get Up and I also do swings for cardio work.

The first part of the Maximum VO2 work is getting through the :15/:15 on cadence for 40 minutes. Once you do that you can revisit it at a new, faster count for move to the :36/:36 at a newly determined cadence. The final goal is 35 work sets. Today was the day I had mapped out to hit the ultimate goal. I was only successful in realization that I couldn't do the full session. I had worked up to 28 sets last Thursday and backed off this Tuesday to go for the whole enchilada today. Fail. My grip crapped out and I will finish this upon return after vacation. I am royally peeved. I hope to come back strong after my beach trip and Doc Cheng's Delaware Kettlebell Workshop.

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments!

Sandy Sommer, RKC

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Benefit for Marines at Camp Leatherneck

Hello all! The below was forwarded to me by fellow RKC Brian Petty.There is an RKC master Class we are taping on July 11 so if you are RKC and can help with this please contact me. This class tape will be forwarded to Afghanistan for instructional purposes. This is my last blog post for about 2 weeks. I'm out!


It's been almost a month since I left for Afghanistan and it's been quite an experience so far. The Marines are incredible and I'm very blessed to be with them. Camp Leatherneck is a forward operating base in southern Afghanistan, right in the middle of bad-guy country. We're mostly Marines and a few Sailors and everyone is working very hard day/night. Operations are progressing and we're hoping to make a difference here!

Spiritually, it's been incredible to see the hunger and thirst for God's Word. We've got Bible Studies going almost every night of the week and many are asking the questions I love to answer the most, like "where will I go when I die?", and "how can I know God personally"? It's amazing to be part of the process and to see the seeds that others have planted over the years grow into fruit producing tree's! I know many of you are praying for us, we feel it many times in many ways. Thank you so much, there's nothing we need more than that!!

Some of you have expressed an interest in care packages. If you'd like to send something, I'll make sure it gets distributed. As I was making my rounds the past few days, I asked some of the men what they'd like from home. If you, your business, church, or family would want to do something to support the troops, here's the list I made:

1. By far the most popular choice was anything workout related. Marines LOVE to do physical training to relieve stress and they try to maintain HIGH levels of fitness. We've got 1 very small gym on this base and with 10,000 Marines here, its VERY packed 24/7 with VERY little equipment. Some of them have been creative in making their own weights, but its prison style and they make them out of sand-bags, etc. We've got an extra tent that they'd like to make their own gym. They've specifically asked for the following:

• Kettlebells!
• Jump Ropes
• Medicine Balls
• Ab Mats
• Weight Bands/Resistance Bands
• TRX Suspension Trainer
• Elite Rings II
• Perfect Push-ups/Push-Up Handles
• Perfect Pull-ups/Pull-Up Bars
• P90X DVDs
• Olympic Barbells
• Weight Bench
• Bumper Plate Weights (rubber coating)
• Concept 2 Rowers (rowing machine)

They will use just about anything. Many of them like Crossfit, P90X and TRX Suspension style workouts and the above listed items are great equipment options for them.

2. Electronics and games: PSP, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360
Board Games: Scrabble, Yatzee, Axis and Allies, Risk, etc. Also, dart boards and darts.

3. Food Choices:

• Gatorade Powder
• Nutrition Bars: Clif, Zone, PowerBar, MetRx, etc.
• Graham Crackers
• Peanuts or any nut related products
• Cookies, Chips
• Candy

4. Misc.

• Air Freshener
• Stationary
• Laundry detergent and dryer sheets
• Foot Powder
• Socks
• Towels
• Cigars

If you mail it to me, I'll ensure the Marines get it:
Chaplain Matt Berrens
1st CEB - H&S CO.
Unit 40501
FPO AP 96427-0501

We're trying to get the unit's website updated, so check it regularly for some pictures and more information:


In His Unfailing Love,

Sandy Sommer, RKC

Monday, June 15, 2009

What is Sea Wave Training?

If you read my blog, then you know that the level of intensity from workout to workout varies pretty wildly. And it's by design. You just can't go "all out" each and every day and expect to really see the gains that you are probably looking for. You break yourself down during a workout and then get strong during recovery. Lots of you may find this hard to grasp. Why wouldn't you? It's been drilled into our heads that hard is better and if you don't work hard then you don't get results.

Well working hard is only part of the equation that will end in results. Intelligence in training is often overlooked it seems to me. First you must start with a plan. Each day should be mapped out before your workoout week begins. For example, I know what I am doing today and each day for the rest of the week. The work I'll do this week is the "same but different" as last week. I don't workout for entertainment. I work out to get fitter and stronger so the rest of my life is easier. Workout variety is overrated and one way that a lot of trainers seek to entertain their clients. Doing fewer things very very well is the real meal ticket. Folks want results. And there are only a few primal movement patterns. Use them. Each week I do swings, TGU, Clean and Press, Tactical Pull Ups, Pistols, Squats, Renegade lunges, and snatches. That may be too much and maybe I need to pare something.

I wrote the "same but different" above. What do I mean by that? I mean that the workout movements really don't vary. I change the volume and I change the intensity in waves. Oleg Chelischev wrote, "The Workload must flucuate like a sea wave: Up and down, from glass calm to a storm."

I'm very happy with my fitness level and I'm happy with my progress. Give wave training a chance and I think you will be happy too!

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