Saturday, September 6, 2008

Prograde Nutrition

A lot of you have asked me my opinion on supplements and nutrition and I try to share the best information possible. Here is information on what I use.

This video was part of a series. If you have further questions please go here. Prograde is what I take and I wouldn't consider another product.

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Swings, Swings

Todays workout was something interesting. I know that when early October rolls around that I will be doing thousands of swing over the course of my RKC weekend.

To make sure I don't die in Minnesota I did only swings today.

5 minutes of two handed swings, on 15 seconds, off 15 seconds. 100 reps
3:30 minutes of two handed swings, on 15, off 15, 70 reps
2:45 minutes of two handed swings, on 15, off 15, 55 reps

Total 225 reps

rested 1 minute between with a total time of 14:15.

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Workout for September 5th, 2008

2 circuits using 24 kg bell of :

5 racked squats, left and right
10 one-handed swings, left and right
5 racked squats, left and right
10 long cycle clean and press, left and right
5 racked squats, left and right
2 TGUs, left and right
5 racked squats, left and right
10 snatches, left and right
5 racked squats, left and right

Thursday, September 4, 2008

So You Want To Have A Better Body?

It seems like we will do almost anything to lose weight quickly. We won't eat all day. We eat all day. We exercise only in the "fat burning" zone. We starve ourselves. You get the idea!

One of the many issues is that we seem to get clashing information from many sources.

I hope to help clear up a few things for you here.

First, eat breakfast! Eating in the morning jump starts your metabolism and helps you start off the day right. Fruits, whole grains, dairy and protein help you get going. Skipping meals (for most people) is not helpful. You will have wild flucation in blood sugar and skipping meals often leads to binge eating later on.

Here's a few more myths:

Myth #1: Working out in the Morning is Most Effective

The most effective time to work out is the time of day that you WILL workout. It's really that simple. Working out in the morning works well for a lot of people because if you do it first thing, life won't get in the way. There is no research that proves that a certain time of day is better than another. Work out when you will do and be 90% compliant with your promise to be fit.

Myth #2: To Lose Fat You Must Do Cardio in the Fat-Burning Zone

You definitely will burn more fat during your workout if you work out at low intensity but the real goal is to burn fat all day. Take a look here and you will see what a kettlebell body looks like and you won't be working out in the "fat burning" zone if you use kettlebells trust me! Kettlebell training works you out much like interval training does since you work at different intensities throughout.

To get your best body will require consistent effort. If you work hard during your workouts and eat cleanly and intellingently you will look and feel your best!

Check out today's workout:

24 KG Easy Snatch session:

20 left and right
15 left and right

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Today's Workout

24 KG Kettlebell and I did two circuits of:

5 long cycle clean and press, 5 left and 5 right
10 swings, 10 left and 10 right
5 long cycle clean and press, 5 left and 5 right
5 racked squats, left and right
5 long cycle clean and press, 5 left and 5 right
2 TGU, 2 left and 2 right
5 long cycle clean and press, 5 left and 5 right
10 snatches, left and right
5 long cycle clean and press, 5 left and 5 right

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

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Summer isn't endless. My son, Alex, started school today and he was really, really excited. His mother got a tear in her eye and I was mostly just proud. He is a very nice little boy. He is empathetic and kind. He is curious and works hard to learn all he can. He is active and playful. And that's why he is so excited. He is in the spring of his young life and he is trying to plant as many seeds of knowledge as he can so he will reap the rewards in the fall. He has been excited to go back to school now for half the summer.

Today is also a new beginning for me. Today was my first day of class too. I started sharing kettlebells and fitness with my community. I am finally pursuing my life's purpose.

I have made tons of healthy changes in my life over the last five years. Beginning with the addition of beautiful and lovely Jennifer. We have been together for 5 years now and my life is so much better with Alex and her as the major part of it. Still, there was something missing as I meandered fairly successfully in the world of finance. Then my boss was laid off and the new boss was less than motivating. He and I didn't see eye to eye and I decided to work for a very dear and old friend. Unfortunately, the chosen company wasn't strong enough to survive the tidal surge in the mortgage industry. He moved to Arizona and I knew that I was going to become a fitness professional. I had been contemplating it for awhile and that was the impetus I needed.

Here's the problem though. I "thought" about what I was going to do for WAY TOO LONG. I am a bit of a perfectionist and instead of "doing," I was worried about everything being just so. Bad idea.

Here's the thing...Most people spend far too much time planning and not enough time doing. Now a certain amount of planning is needed. President Lincoln once said that if he had to cut down a tree he would spend some time sharpening his saw before the first cut. Some time is needed to know what you want and have to do, but not all of your time. Nothing is ever perfect. In a perfect world, I would have full boot camps and kettlebell classes on the first go 'round.

Still the world does seem pretty perfect today. Alex started school with a smile on his sweet face and I finally got off my butt and started doing what I have wanted to do for months. I am helping as many people as I can change their lives and what is better than that.

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Today is a day off as I never work out Monday and Tuesday. Worked out with Mike Krivka over the weekend and he gave me some really great indexing to use to improve my kettlebell form.

Sunday, August 31 Workout

24 KG KB

(15 Left and 15 right)x3
(10 left and 10 right) x 2

130 total snatches.

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