Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Final Kettlebell Practice for the RKC

As I go through the final preparations for the RKC I remind myself that I'm about to undertake a life changing rest of the week.

Over and over I read about the mental and physical challenges ahead and am so excited I can barely stand it.

The relationships soon to be forged....The work load ahead....All of it is amazing to imagine. I simply cannot wait until Thursday and my flight to St. Paul.

In order to stay sharp without fatigue I did 20/20 24 KG snatches after warming up with 80 swings done in 4 sets of 20.

I feel strong and able.


Fells Point Kettlebells

Excellent work this AM as we continue to see improved movement, strength and power in our kettlebell practice.

The thing I really love about leading my Charm City Kettlebell classes is that the folks in my class push themselves to the top limits of their performance. What I mean is they do far more than they would do if they were using the kettlebell on their own and solo.

Let's face it, no one really wants to be the laggard in any class, much less a fitness one, so people push themselves outside their personal comfort zone.

You get sore, you rest and you recover and start to see the compositional changes you want.

Exercise and a good, sound healthy diet are the keys to success. You can't outwork a donut!

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Kettlebell Class in Baltimore October 6, 2008

Our kettlebell class in Fells Point was a lot of work for the attendees.

15 minutes of joint mobility followed by

:20 seconds work/ :10 off for 4 minutes:


Push ups

Goblet Squats



Finished with 1 minute straight swings

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rehoboth Beach Kettlebells

My family and I went to Rehoboth Beach this weekend to see my dad and step mom before they leave for Dunedin. for the winter. Both these beach towns are incredible and mean a lot to us but that is another story.

The weather was the kind that can only be called "perfect." 72 degrees, sunny, about 50% humidity, water about 70 degrees, fish jumpin' and porpoises breaching the surface just outside the breakers.

I am off to RKC in St. Paul MN on Thursday and while I was on the beach I just wanted to practice with my kettlebell. Didn't do a lot of exercises, but did the few snatches I did well. I cleaned and pressed with power and strength. A slow, even grind. Tamed the arc on my cleans....Just relaxed...enjoyed the sound of the surf and moved my kettlebell while my four year old son flew his kite and mommy napped. Pretty cool!

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