Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pennsylvania Yesterday

I spent the day in Pennsylvania yesterday. Worked with my trainer to map out how to attack the "Beast Challenge," as well as the RKC II.

I learned a ton of assistance exercises for my quest.

We worked on bodyweight squats, front plate squats, kettlebell goblet squats and deep ass to achilles front barbell squats. Legs aren't sore at all today but I am well aware that they were worked yesterday.

Also worked on better pressing explosion. Think speed is what I was taught. Very good lessons followed by a lunch of free range beef, raw milk, root vegetables.

Today, the speed translated into additional power on my 36 KG kettlebell press today. Did 6 sets of 1 rep, failed on 7. Still, I was strong.

Sandy Sommer, RKC


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why Kettlebells May Not Be For You

A lot of people have asked me what the big deal is with kettlebells. Really there is nothing magic about them. Unfortunately (or fortunately) they are the latest and greatest fitness fad and I see all manner of folks who go out, buy a kettlebell and for most of these people the kettlebell is about to become an expensive doorstop that joins the clothes hanger that was supposed to be a treadmill. You get the idea.

Effort equals results over time. If you want to lose fat you need to oxidize more calories than you consume. If you want to press a lot than you have to press often and a lot. But for most of us, we read this "Lose 12 inches in 12 days" crap and they get frustrated. Deep down everyone who wastes money on these programs knows its bunk but when they buy it and nothing happens except a thinning of the wallet than they can blame the "wallet thinner" and not take any of the blame themselves.

Kettlebells may not be for you if you aren't willing to pay a price. If pilates, yoga, dumbells, barbells, machines etc haven't been for you then don't waste time with kettlebells. The price can be heavy. I work my butt off and I get results. Now, I'm not you and you're not me so don't misunderstand me here. Check it out though. I reverse engineer everything I do. I write down my goal and when I want to accomplish it. Then I figure out what I need to do in the meantime to get it done. Just mapped it out for the next 12 months. Did it yesterday. I mapped out rest (thanks StrongSarah), work, results. I have it all wrapped up in a neat little package. What are the chances of success? Pretty good.

Now I am pretty crazy so don't mistake what I've done for what you should do. Just keep it in mind. That's all. It's simple and hard. Not easy but worth it. What price are you paying?

Sandy Sommer, RKC


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Viking Warrior Conditioning and Low Volume Pistols

Great day today. Hit 100% of plan on both the Viking Warrior Conditioning as well as the Low Volume Pistol session that I did prior to the VWC protocol of 36 seconds on and off.

I felt great during the workout. Excellent drive on the pistols and the snatches. Feel a bit worn now. I haven't taken off any time from workouts since last June. Planning on a week off after Father's Day.

I will succeed at getting to 35 work sets on my new VWC protocol June 18th. In the meantime, I will continue to add work each session. Also, I'm in the process of reverse engineering my Beast Challenge Success.

Sandy Sommer, RKC

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Workouts

I went to Rehoboth Beach Delaware to spend the weekend with my family. We had great weather and a wonderful time celebrating those who have given their lives for our country.

I played tennis each morning and was a bit surprised by the Heart Rate Monitor results for tennis doubles. We played for 2 hours each day from 9 AM to 11 AM. I was going through 900 + calories in that time frame. AHR was around 64% and max was 91%. Not bad at all and we had a blast. I am so much faster and quicker than pre-kettlebell.

My kettlebell workouts were (as always) based on the Viking Warrior Strength Practice and Conditioning Program. I'm getting amazing results in raw strengthm, sustained power and cardio conditioning.

Saturday, before we played tennis I did my low volume tactical pullups and hit 100% of goal so I was happy. Didn't feel quite as strong as I hoped but hit the numbers. Late afternoon was when I had planned my first new Viking Conditioning Workout. By new I mean that I moved to the :36/:36 protocol. 35 work sets is the goal and I didn't hit that the first time out but I felt pretty good. My grip fell apart and I can't wait to do this on Tuesday again. Keep in mind that this was done after pullups, two hours of tennis and a full beach day of surf and sand so I wasn't all that unhappy.

Sunday was just a tennis day but today was tennis this morning and then I did high volume presses this evening when we got back from the beach. I hit 100% of goal and felt stronger than ever. Really a great workout. Did 15% more work than last Monday and I didn't it in 85% of the time. So it was way solid.

Sandy Sommer, RKC

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