Thursday, September 4, 2008

So You Want To Have A Better Body?

It seems like we will do almost anything to lose weight quickly. We won't eat all day. We eat all day. We exercise only in the "fat burning" zone. We starve ourselves. You get the idea!

One of the many issues is that we seem to get clashing information from many sources.

I hope to help clear up a few things for you here.

First, eat breakfast! Eating in the morning jump starts your metabolism and helps you start off the day right. Fruits, whole grains, dairy and protein help you get going. Skipping meals (for most people) is not helpful. You will have wild flucation in blood sugar and skipping meals often leads to binge eating later on.

Here's a few more myths:

Myth #1: Working out in the Morning is Most Effective

The most effective time to work out is the time of day that you WILL workout. It's really that simple. Working out in the morning works well for a lot of people because if you do it first thing, life won't get in the way. There is no research that proves that a certain time of day is better than another. Work out when you will do and be 90% compliant with your promise to be fit.

Myth #2: To Lose Fat You Must Do Cardio in the Fat-Burning Zone

You definitely will burn more fat during your workout if you work out at low intensity but the real goal is to burn fat all day. Take a look here and you will see what a kettlebell body looks like and you won't be working out in the "fat burning" zone if you use kettlebells trust me! Kettlebell training works you out much like interval training does since you work at different intensities throughout.

To get your best body will require consistent effort. If you work hard during your workouts and eat cleanly and intellingently you will look and feel your best!

Check out today's workout:

24 KG Easy Snatch session:

20 left and right
15 left and right

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