Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Rare Opportunity To Become A Viking Warrior

Kenneth Jay's new book, Viking Warrior Conditioning answers all the questions you may have about getting a "heart of elastic steel with the strength of a rhino and the endurance of a rachorse."

The approach is scientific, yet very readable. Nothing is left to chance. Every VO2 protocol is broken down and explained. The protocols dissected is worth the price of admission. The roadmap makes the book a required part of your library.

If your goal is to become a man or woman of uncommon fitness than you really should invest the time to study this manual. And it is a manual by definition. It's a "handy book of facts, instructions, etc. for use as a guide or reference; handbook." That is the Viking Warrior Conditioning.

Why leave your conditioning to chance? The information maps out the "Tripod of Power" as well as the "Tripod of Conditioning."

There are wonderful interviews with those who are already "Hard" men and women.

There are a few editorial mishaps but I'm sure those will be corrected. What can I say? I'm OCD about stuff like that.

Most of us you are using kettlebells to get fitter will need to look no further than this volume in order to reach our goals.

Email me if you have an additional questions! Oh and if you'd care to sign up for the next RKC worshop here is the information.

Sandy Sommer, RKC

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