Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kettlebells in 25 minutes

Today is a wonderful day and I had a nice kettlebell and bodyweight session this morning.

Did 15 minutes of push ups and hand to hand swings. My focus was one the perfect pushup. Engaged core, elbows into lats, full press up and pause but no rest at the bottom. Breathing in rhytym to the movement and using tension. Hard Style Press ups.

Since I don't and won't and recommend that you shouldn't use a mirror, I instead pictured in my "Mind's eye" the perfect one armed Kettlebell swing. Arm loose and relaxed,engaged lat, shoulder back and down, fast hips, tight glutes, knees pulled up into get the picture.

After finishing that I moved right into practicing kettlebell cleans for 10 minutes alternated with prisoner lunges. My concentration was intense.

I imagined zipping up a jacket as I did my cleans. Taming the arc. Elbow attached to my oblique at the bottom and top of my clean. A wall in front of me as well that requires that the kettlebell move up and down and not out.Can you see that? Good!

Have a great day!

Sandy Sommer, RKC

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