Thursday, March 5, 2009

11 Minutes of Kettlebell Practice

As you may recall, I blogged a few weeks ago about the benefits of short bursts of intense practice with the Russian Kettlebell.

I've been following my own advice and doing intense workouts six days a week. My intensity doesn't vary. I bust my ass every time I practice with my kettlebell. I taper my volume so I recover well enough by the next day.

My recovery is based on getting good, quality sleep as well as fueling myself cleanly Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday I relax my food intake and even sometimes do this starting Friday PM. But I digress.

You don't need to kill yourself each time you pick up the kettlebell. Practice makes perfect and if your goal is death then I can accommodate you with tons and tons of kettlebell ballistics.

The RKC system helps you build the resilience you need to practice more frequently and harden your body not only literally but also figuratively. We call it the "Courage Corner."

Here's my kettlebell practice for today:

For 11 minutes with my Gymboss.

24 KG Kettlebell Press Ladders

5 Rungs on a a ladder

Completed 2 ladders and started a third so that I did 66 reps total. Breathing behind the shield. Using full tension and getting it done. Do that and let me know if you need or want to do crunches LOL.

Be fit,

Sandy Sommer, RKC

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