Friday, March 6, 2009

How to Get the Most From a Short Kettlebell Session

If you are as busy as the rest of us, then this exercise program will give you the results you desire in no time at all!

Tabata Protocol interval training may be one of the most effective tools to improve body composition available. If you want to see major changes in your body's level of performance, then you will enjoy that as well. Tabata Protocol was developed by Dr. Izumi Tabata and his team at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. They were trying to develop a training system that the Japanese National Speed Skating Team could use to be as successful as possible. They worked through any number of systems before settling on Tabata and the reason they chose it was that it very useful for enhancing aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. You work for twenty seconds and then you rest for ten seconds.

If you use Russian Kettlebells, then what does this training protocol feel like? Similarly to doing Tabata in sprint training, using the protocol with Russian kettlebells is a very vigorous but compact workout. How compact? How about four minutes of lung searing intensity! These four minutes could seem like four hours and you will wish you had never heard of the workout.

The four minutes you invest in the program will pay you large dividends. Your workout will get you into better condition than ever. The program is very popular among strength and conditioning coaches as it dramatically increases aerobic and anaerobic work capacity. The kicker is that it strips fat off your body incredibly fast. The workout is as brief as it is intense but your post workout metabolism will be increased for many hours after your work.

Doing Tabata is really quite simple. Step one is choosing the exercise I recommend that you opt for two handed swings, kettlebell thrusters or goblet squats. Snatches are a good choice too for the advanced practitioner. In addition, you will want to keep the kettlebell off the ground during your ten seconds of rest as you won't have time to get the bell back off the ground when your rest period is over. This protocol is strict so to get FULL BENEFIT follow it to a tee. Here it is: First make sure you are properly warmed up and then:

Pick your exercise and then work for twenty seconds and rest for ten seconds.

Repeat and rinse. For 4 minutes and that will be eight intervals Cool down for another five minutes.

On paper this looks like a cake walk. Trust me. It isn't. It is deadly, grueling and effective for those that are really busy and need to get maximum return on their work out time. Don't be shocked if you aren't able or willing to finish the 4 minutes. If you do this at full intensity, as it's designed it may take you a bit of time to finish and that's OK. Just keep at it. Good luck!

Sandy Sommer, RKC

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At March 7, 2009 at 5:58 PM , Blogger Chris said...

Hey Sandy, cool post. I often only have time for short but intense workouts and your kettlebell routines have been amazing for my schedule. I wanted to mention that (surprisingly) kettlebells have made working out with my girlfriend enjoyable...something that I never wanted to do before. Because we use different weight bells, she can do the same exercises that I do. I think the short length of the workout keeps her interested. She's hooked! Anyway, thanks and keep the good stuff coming!



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