Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Towson Boot Camp, Charm City Kettlebell Workout

Yesterday we did a one hundred fifty rep challenge for our Towson Kettlebell group. Here's the challenge.

10 kettlebell sit ups

50 swings

15 push ups

25 goblet squats

50 high pulls

As fast as possible while maintaining good form.

Excellent work by our group during a lovely day in Towson!

Now here is my workout and I did this prior to our boot camp.

Clean and Press ladders 5 rungs x 1,2,3 with one armed kettlebell rows. I used a 20kg bell so it was quick and easy with no rest between rungs. Total reps 120.

I rested for 1 minute and went right into snatches.

10 per side with a little rest between each set of 20.

Did 9 sets of 20 for 180 reps in 10:30 with 20 kg bell.

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