Thursday, November 20, 2008

How I Got Where I am Today

About two years ago I found kettlebells. Actually they found me. I can't even remember how I got to the Dragon Door Website but I got there somehow and ended up finding at trainer in Baltimore who introduced me to the KB.

As soon as I picked it up I knew that I had found my new workout tool. It felt right from the get go.

I soon become addicted and went to a Mike Mahler seminar. Soon after, I found myself in Providence RI where I worked for a day with Anthony Diluglio.

Every day I continued to work out with the kettlebell and found I was getting back into football shape. Athletic power was coming to me again and I felt like I was in my twenties all over again. I felt great. I was moving and getting flexibility in my joints.

Next I met Josh Elliot, RKC and also had conversations with Delaine Ross, RKC and David Whitley, Senior RKC. The chats I had with them really impacted me and my thoughts on sharing the kettlebell and its benefits,with others.

Right off the bat, I really loved Delaine's energy and intelligence.

She is one of those amazing individuals who just "gets it" in all ways.

I want to thank Josh, Dave and in particular, Delaine, for urging me to get to the RKC and really, really learning how to share an amazing tool.

My life is so different now and I congratulate you on your one year anniversary with your own Condition Gym. You Rock!

Be fit!

Sandy Sommer, RKC

Charm City Kettlebells

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