Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kettlebell Class in Fells Point, October 28, 2008

We really had to work this morning to get our joints lubed up as it is raining here in Baltimore. After accomplishing the joint mobility work we did a kettlebell workout with 2 Supersets and then also an interval combining a few different smokers.

A1- Goblet Squats, 12 reps, A2- Push ups, 15 reps and we did this 3 times with a minute of rest between supersets.

B1-Rows, 12 reps per side, B2- 1 clean and then 8 presses per side, 3 times with a minute of rest. We spent a fair amount of time on the phenomenon of creating tension with the press and I saw huge gains in this one session and that was quite exciting! Good work all of you.

The interval part of our workout today was killer and this was where it got good fast! We did 1 minute of jumping jacks followed by running in place for another minute and finished with 1 minute of burpees. Swings for 1 minute and finally jumping jacks for another minute.

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