Monday, October 20, 2008

Fells Point Early AM Kettlebell Class

Today we started with our new schedule and I am so happy about it!

Six and seven AM classes are going to rock!

Today we did our typical joint mobility warm up and then we went into a slightly different workout than ever before.

The first workout was kettlebell swings and we followed that with a hot potato drill, then push ups. Round went like this with no rest (can you say smoker!):

One minute swings, one minute hot potato, 10 push ups

45 seconds swings, 45 seconds hot potato, 9 push ups

30 seconds swings, 45 seconds hot potato, 8 push ups

20 seconds swings, 20 seconds hot potato, 7 push ups

10 seconds swings, 10 seconds hot potato, 6 push ups

Then rest for 3 minutes.

Next we did this:

10 snatches per side, 1 burpee

10 snatches per side, 2 burpees

10 snatches per side, 3 burpees

10 snatches per side, 4 burpees


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