Friday, August 22, 2008

How To Eat An Elephant

A friend of mine called me today to find out when Charm City Kettlebells is having our first classes. I gave him our kettlebell class Schedule for Fells Point, Canton and Towson and then began to answer some questions for him about they are different etc. He is excited to start classes in Fells Point. Here's the thing though. His expectations are not completely realistic. He's a big guy. He's tall and shall we say "portly."

He has some lofty and admirable goals I want to help him reach but the time frame he hope to achieve it within was all wrong. He didn't gain his excess weight in a month so how can it lose it that fast?

Here's what is more realistic for all of us(unless you are a celebrity! Healthy changes in your body composition will occur if you out work your diet, get plenty of sleep and work your whole body out. Concentrating on small muscles (i.e curls and the like) won't effectively work your core and stabilization. Work hard, work out your whole body and you will see incremental changes that will result over time into a major change. You can't eat an elephant in one big bite. You have to eat small bites and it will take awhile!

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